Shared Services

At Platinum, we ensure Operational Excellence by utilizing technology that supports and automates our processes.

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Work Day Platform

Workday is a cloud-based enterprise resource planning software system with one version across all platforms.

Provides for the unification of a wide range of HR functionality into a single system of record. Empowers people with real time data, engages users on their preferred device and provides self-service functionality for a better user experience inclusive time and absence, payroll, and human resource management to highlight just a few functions within the HCM arena.

Financial Management supports accounting and finance functionality and allows you to capture and audit the details of every financial transaction. This insight goes beyond traditional accounting dimensions and enable management with insightful real-time data that impacts their day-today business decisions.

The platform allows you to automatically adapt permissions when organizational changes occur. Trust your data with detailed traceability into dataset creation and updates. Access reports to analyze real-time data and results.  Leverage the flexibility of the business process framework and integration platform to support current business objectives but that will support changing business objectives of the future.